Smash Your Enemies With Vehicles In Drive Ahead!

Smartphones are easily the defining electronic gadget of the 2010s. With almost half the people in the world owning a smartphone, with the percentage being as high as 81% in some places like the United States. Smartphones are versatile, giving us convenient access to features like a high-resolution camera, GPS, telecommunication and a huge amount of processing power.

Modern smartphones are quite literally full-fledged computers that we carry in our pockets. In fact, the smartphone that you use is much more powerful than the computers used by NASA to land on the moon! Smartphones have enabled us to play video games with our friends and people across the world.

Drive Ahead! is a multiplayer battle arena game that involves various kinds of vehicles duking it out for victory.


The game lets you enter a 1v1 arena against another player. The goal of the basic multiplayer game is to defeat the other players vehicle by destroying it, or by landing on top of them, effectively defeating them. Each time you land on your opponent’s head, you gain a point. The first player to reach a score of 5 points, wins.

 The game has several vehicles to choose from, including tanks, cars, off-road vehicles and garbage trucks. Each of these vehicles have different stats and abilities, adding an element of strategy to the game.

Each multiplayer round in the game takes place in a battle arena that is uniquely designed to pose challenges to the players. These can include spinning blades, which can destroy vehicles or chasms that can engulf any player which falls into them.

The game has several modes of play to choose from, you can choose to engage in simple combat against a random player or go into a king-of-the-hill style tower defense mode. You can also invite friends for intense multiplayer battles. If you do not choose to fight your friends head-on, you can invite them on co-op, PvE challenges, where you must work together to win.

The game has hundreds of vehicles to choose from, giving you agency in choosing one that fits your personality and play style.

Game Details

  • Drive Ahead! Is developed by Dodreams Ltd has over one million downloads to date.
  • The game has attractive graphics and has a 2D side view during gameplay.
  • The game has a great multiplayer element as well as an exploration element, encouraging player interaction.

Game Features

  • The game lets you play online with your friends, either in 1v1 multiplayer battles or in a co-op mode where you work together.
  • The game is available on iOS and Android and is regularly updated with new, exciting content.
  • The game has several challenges that let you unlock special vehicles, making sure you have hours upon hours of multiplayer fun!


If you are a fan of quick-paced multiplayer games, Drive Ahead! Is a great choice for you. The game has snappy graphics that impart an old school look along with unique maps and vehicles. The game is ideal for audiences of all ages and provides the players with an interactive, unique multiplayer experience.

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